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except from "synchron", a performance by Antonio Pipolo, Peter Hinz, Dominik F├╝rstberger and Michele Ciccimarra and myself.

premiered at EinTanzHaus, Mannheim

2018/03/20 / posted in visuals

learning shader alchemy on Patricio Gonzalez Vivo's Book of Shaders.

2018/01/17 / posted in visuals

we had a great levistick juggler and some astronomical laser pointers this year

(focare 2017)

2017/12/27 / posted in visuals

sending messages through the ether

(focare 2017)

2017/12/21 / posted in visuals

asemic writing by c++ code

music : cowboy bebop ost

2017/11/11 / posted in visuals

quando sarò grande voglio fare l'ammaestratore di poliedri

2017/10/19 / posted in visuals