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The main section of this site is the blog feed. At the moment, posts are also divided into "channels" containing more posts than the main feed:

This RSS feed cointains the latest posts in chronological order ( while the main feed is an achronological selection ).

np-samples: an archive of the audio samples i've recorded in the past, free to use

Here I keep some notes on topics I care:

Hexaglyphics is a digital noise instrument based on an invented hexadecimal alphabeth

I vastly prefer minimal solutions over bloated fully-featured software. As removing features and simplifying code is not in the corporate agendas anymore, open source software has became the only way to have instruments that are simple, reliable, efficient and long-standing.

I code and mantain some of my own tools and code snippets:

folderkit: 32 voices sampler companion for orca

nsketch: hot-reloaded graphic scripting VM based on raylib, luaJIT and GLSL

scriptools: tools i scripted with nsketch

rpiezos: hardware and software to convert piezo sensor signals into OSC messages by using a raspberry pi and some DIY electronics

gpiosc: a program to control raspberry pi GPIO pins with incoming OSC messages

scrapbook: a collection of code snippets and sketches

nonmateria: scripts and dotfiles to setup my system starting from a debian netinst